Sunday, 4 November 2007

Trophy Winners 2007 Season

Tom Cargill Trophy- Singles Championship -Ann Moffat (Maureen Christie)
Archibald Trophy -Singles - Maureen Christie (Frances Sandilands )
Chris Smith Trophy - Senior Singles -Iona Rougvie (May Flood )
A B Robertson Trophy - Nomination Pairs -Ann Moffat / Frances Sandilands (Kathy Rettie/Flora McMillan )
John Anderson Trophy - Club Pairs -Iona Rougvie/Kathy Rettie (Irene Clark/Sheila Urquhart )
Two Bowl Pairs - Iona Rougvie/Grace Barclay (Irene Clark/Susan Hutchison )
A M Robertson Trophy- Club Triples - Nancy Pow/Wilma Stewart/Mary McBeath
(Norma Bright/Mary Grimmond/Margaret McLeish)

Championship - Alastair Berwick (David Longmuir )
Silver Trophy - Bob Fairlie ( Chris McGready )
Campbell Quaich - Chris McGready (Vince Carlton )
Senior Singles - Vince Carlton (John Allan )
Senior Pairs - Vince Carlton/Andy Rettie (Bob Dowie/George Wilson )
Club Pairs - Kenny Moyes/Brian Kettles (Dennis Patterson/John Gibb )
Aussie Pairs - Ross Dennis/Vince Carlton (May Flood/Morris Flood )
Mixed Pairs - Jim Sandilands/Ann Moffat (Harry Hutchison/Anna Merry )
Club Triple - Bob Fairlie/Alec MacDonald/David Cook ( Bob Dowie/John Gibb/Ron Paterson)
Club Fours -Dennis Patterson/Gordon Christie/Ted Williams/Tom Rorrison
(Harry Hutchison/Alec Sneddon/David Cook/Gordon Grimmond
Bill Scott Memorial Trophy - Harry Hutchison/Wilma Stewart/Kate Sinclair/Ted Williams
Kenny Moyes/Kathy Rettie/Iain Stewart/Vi Bruce

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Instant Image- Bells Invitation Rinks 2007

The Instant Image-Bells Invitation Rinks competition was held on Sunday 3rd September in which 17 rinks took part.

While down on numbers from last year, a very keen and friendly competition was held in nice sunny weather.

The eventual winners were Irene Sanger, Irene Shepherd, Bert Smith, and Jim Sanger

Friday, 24 August 2007

Donkey Derby

A welcome is extended to all members and friends for an enjoyable evening for the Donkey Derby at Perth Bowling Club on Saturday 1st September.
Please arrive no later than 7.30 p.m. to obtain a seat ready for the first race which will commence at 8.00 p.m.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Fair Maids Presentation

Perth Bowling Club ladies were winners of the Fair Maids Trophy 2007.

Fair Maids President Pam Holder (front left) is seen handing over the trophy to Kathy Rettie (front right) Ladies President of Perth Bowling Club

The winning Perth Bowling Club ladies from left to right - Frances Sandilands; May Flood; Grace Barclay; Linda Scott; Iona Rougvie; Kathy Rettie; Ann Moffat; Norma Bright; Maureen Christie; and Flora McMillan

Monday, 30 July 2007

Invitation Triples 2007

Due to disappointing weather conditions prior to the competition commencing, there was some concern to having this spread over four days which may result in cancellation or re-organisation of some games. Despite some showers, the competition was completed with no interuptions.

Many thanks are conveyed to the sponsors of the event Arnold Clark Citreon and Dewars World of Whisky.
The competition winners this year were from Caledonian B.C. consisting of E. Barty, T. Ward, and S. McCorquadale.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Ladies Triples Day 2007

The ladies held their triples competition on Sunday22nd July in fine weather. The winners were Wilma Stewart, Nancy Pow and Mary MacBeath.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Bill Scott Memorial Trophy-2007

A new fours competition was introduced this year in memory of Bill Scott of the Perth Club who had been such an active and enthusiastic member. The competition was held on Sunday 15 July and the winners were Ted Williams, Kate Sinclair, Wilma Stewart, and Harry Hutchison. The new trophy will be presented to the winners at the Annual Presentation Dance.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Honours for the Club in 2007

Following the success of 2006 when the Gents won the Campbell Trophy, they have achieved even higher standards in 2007.

They have again won the Campbell Trophy, but have also won the Scottish Area Top Ten Competition, and the P.B.A. Trophy this year.

The ladies have continued there high performances of last year, by winning the Fair Maids Trophy again this year.