Sunday, 30 September 2012

Gents Trophy Winners (Runners Up) 2012

Robert Fairlie (Sam Sabbagh)
Silver Trophy:
Robert Fairlie (Brian Tavendale)
Campbell Quaich:
Robert Fairlie (Ross Dennis)
Nomination Pairs:
Harry Hutchison / Bob Sidey (Brian Tavendale / Kenny Moyes)
Club Pairs:
Gary Turpie / Alex Sneddon (Eric Barty / John Gibb)
Club Triples:
Gordon Christie / Tom Rorrison / John Baillie
(Brian Tavendale / Jim Ferguson / Alex Sneddon
Club Fours:
Robert Fairlie / Sam Sabbagh / James Miller / John Gibb
(James Sandilands / Alex Don / Norman Gow / Bob Sidey
Senior Singles:
David Allan ( Harry Hutchison)
Senior Pairs:
Morris Flood / Norman Gow ( George Brown / James Williams )
Aussie Pairs:
Morris Flood / May Flood
Bill Scott Memorial Trophy:
Sam Sabbagh / Kathy Rettie / Morris Flood / May Flood
(Kenny Moyes / Frances Sandilands / Eric Barty / Ted Williams
Gordon Saunders Trophy:
Robert Fairlie /Vic Willaims / Margaret McLeish
(Harry Hutchison / Susan Hutchison / James Chessor)
Points Trophy:
Ally Rogers

Ladies Club Trophy Winners (Runners Up ) 2012

         Susan Hutchison ( Kathy Rettie )                  
Archibald Trophy:    
Kathy Rettie (Ann Moffat)
Senior Singles:     
Kathy Rettie
 (Elaine Matchett)
Nomination Pairs:     
Linda Scott /  Grace Barclay
(May Flood / Mary Grimmond ) 
          Club Pairs:               
 Ann Moffat /Nina Kettles
(Susan Hutchison / Elaine Matchett )
  Two Bowl Pairs;      
 Kathy Rettie /Ann Moffat 
(Irene Clark / Nina Kettles )
 Frances Sandilands / Elaine Matchett / Irene Clark
(Nina Kettles / Ann Moffat / Margaret McLeish )
        Mixed Pairs:            
  Ross Dennis / Susan Hutchison
( Kenny Moyes / Elaine Matchett )


Friday, 28 September 2012

Perth & District League

Some of the members who represented the club in winning the
second Division of the Perth and District League in 2012

Perthshire Top Ten

Winners of the Perhshire Top Ten for 2012
Rear: Left to right; J.Sandilands; J.Sidey; J.Mackie; S.Sabbagh;
Front; R.Dennis; R.Fairlie; G.Turpie; H.Hutchison; B.Tavendale.


Annandale Presentation 2012

Players from participating clubs who took part in the
presentation match with Perth Bowling Club
(winners of the competition)
 Seated at the centre are President James Willams;
 Selector Tom Rorrison;  and Annandale President Chick Gourlay

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Inviation Fours Competition 2012

Finalists who took part in the Invitation Fours competition held
on  Sunday 2nd September 2012.
From left to right: Brian Tavendale (skip); Grace Barclay;
Tom Halley; and Linda Scott;
Sponsors Co-operative Care and Hamdani Motors with 
President James Williams standing between them
Winners - Caroline Ferguson; Gus Lennon; Margaret Brailsford
and Bill Angus (skip)